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You’re welcome

I just published my drafts. & now you know. Update: that was a bad idea so I set them all to private when I woke up.

Dear me,

Don’t forget to take out the trash. It’s your job now. & so is feeding your fat cat in the morning. & the stupid dogs.

Subliminal messages

I was thinking about you but all my transmissions were blocked so I just hung up & went about my silly day, adjusting the temperature depending on the weather of the wave length. Turn it down.

I think

you missed me at my best. but it’s ok because I’ve been reincarnated.

Such a fool

Spewing vulnerabilities to the vulnerable & talking in circles my head hurts my heart hurts my eyes hurt my head hurts my heart my heart Blocked.


I am weak. Don’t get them. No more. I’m just bored & I like the change of scenery.