• Natural History

    Natural History

    I forgot to tell you. I turned off all my social media notifications. I much prefer screaming into a void to the tune of a symphony for a crater, then catching up on the commentary. I’ve never been a performer, I just want to capture things. Sometimes it’s my face. Or half of. Or my…

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    Things I have given myself over the past year for my birthday because I am incredibly fortunate & have a beautiful life despite us all being doomed sooner or later: Freedom from the corporate worldGlossierA legit corset.Plants. A subscription to nicotine gum.Fuck Trump LipstickChocolate brown hair dye.Green hair.Pink hair. New tweezers. A strawberry dress. Happy…

  • I’m still here.

    I’m still here.

    Apparently it’s that easy. I’m very tired & I just close my eyes. After serious talks about passive aggressiveness. Feeling off. It’s no secret it was. After sleeping on it though, I think it gets better. Because a lot of it made sense. And I think I am. & I mumble.

  • Reason #273

    Reason #273

    You: “What do want?” Me: “Is that a philosophical question?”  

  • Things that are happy that start with c

    Things that are happy that start with c

    Crisp fall weather Chutes too narrow Coffee shop cubicles Cats named Kiki Clever boys Companions Cozy beds & constant love Courage

  • Be a smart passionate bitch

  • Protected: The best decision I ever made

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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